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I have a great poster which advertises Donal O’Kelly’s historical drama, The Cambria. It is based on Douglass’ voyage to Ireland, and incorporates extracts from Douglass’ Narrative. I have seen it several times, and each time I am delighted with the power of the script and the story behind it. Here is one review; enjoy.

Get to see it if you can.

Douglass in contemporary theatre.


I need constant reminders of the wider context of my work and this map was an apt reminder to stop and think about the areas involved in Douglass’ life and work.

I found this map in an email from that wonderful book shop, who are currently running a promotion called:

Southern Discomfort:

Tumultuous Literature set in

the American South

Old Map of Southern States of America


I would have loved to hear  Frederick Douglass speak.

I wonder if any of our politicians or actors could do justice to his written words.

Of course, none could replicate his passion and he often spoke extemporaneously, which allowed him to mould his words to the atmosphere in the hall, or to mould the atmosphere to his words.

I have listened to several actors reciting Douglass, and Danny Glover is ok. Check out this youtube link: Danny Glover reads Frederick Douglass.

My Douglass work focuses on the younger Douglass, and I think that Will Smith’s voice and passion would best suit a Douglass speech.

Any thoughts?

Danny Glover or Will Smith?