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Susan B. Anthony National Historic Landmark Home, Rochester, NY.


Again, with Dr Tim Madigan leading the way, I got the wonderful opportunity to visit the Rochester home of the legendary Civil Rights leader, Susan B. Anthony. Rochester was her home for forty of her most political years. She held common cause with Frederick Douglass, and they were long-time friends.

Ann, standing before a poster depicting the connection between Susan B. Anthony and Frederick Douglass.

Anthony, who braved hostile mobs, being hung in effigy and having her imaged dragged through the streets, devoted her life to abolition and suffrage. She was an impassioned advocate of the 13th Ammendment outlawing slavery. She followed this with campaigns for Black and women’s full citizenship.

But visiting her home and taking the tour was a revelation to me.

I walked through the hallway, climbed the stairs and paused before the photographs; this brought home to me the balance she achieved in her life.

She loved her home, she loved to cook and sew and her home was also a well-oiled machine, where she gave direction, space and opportunity to highly organised campaigns.

I was delighted to experience it.