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Amish Country and the Delaware.


And I managed to achieve a balance between work and play. I visited my Uncle Christy and cousin, Peggy in New Jersey and we did two day-trips.

Washing day, Amish country, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania


The first involved a two-hour drive to Lancaster County to see the Amish community.

My distant-cousin, Bobby Farrell met us and took us around the area. We had a wonderful afternoon in his company.

Monday was washing day and we feasted our eyes on lines of laundry. They were impressive.







The countryside is beautiful, undulating country, with farmsteads stretched before us.  We also had a feast at the “Good and Plenty.”

Amish farmstead

The following day, we visited New Hope, on the Delaware. New Hope is gorgeous, reminiscent of an old English town. And there was a breeze from the Delaware. I had sympathy with George Washington, when he had to make a difficult crossing not far from where I stood.


And there was a very pretty grist mill, I cannot remember where…