Frederick Douglass’ plot, Mount Hope Cemetery, Rochester, NY



Any trip to Rochester would be incomplete without visiting Mount Hope Cemetery,  site of Frederick Douglass’ family plot.  And again, thanks to Dr Tim Madigan, my intrepid guide.


Ann, being shown the way to the Douglass plot

I visited before I read any descriptive brochures and was immediately impressed with the setting. It is beautiful. Carpeted with a perfect covering of snow, the undulating ground, trees and winding roads suggested peace, mystery and beauty. I could easily agree with the brochure’s assessment of this American Victorian Cemetery: “one of the most beautiful and enchanting cemeteries in America.”

The city of Rochester purchased an initial 54 acres in 1836, and it now stands at 196 acres with more that 370,000 people buried here.


Amongst these many people with their many stories are two of significance to my work: Frederick Douglass and his friend and associate, Susan B. Anthony.


And  abutting the roadway, is the Douglass plot.




About Ann Coughlan

I am a PhD candidate with the School of English, UCC, Ireland. My subject is Frederick Douglass and I am concentrating on his first transatlantic encounter. This blog is a means of remembering and gathering the many wonderful people I have met and opportunities I have taken during the course of my studies. I am married to John for twenty-two years. He underpins this work in the love and support he has showered on me during my PhD journey and he makes a guest appearance in some of the entries. We have two children, Michael, who is studying Physics at UCC and Helena who is studying Agricultural Science at UCD. And Frederick Douglass has been the other man in our lives.

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