A Diversion …


My thesis is pockmarked with diversions. Actually, I am glad that most of these have happened because it has focused my thesis and made it deeper, richer. This post gives an example of one, non-academic diversion; let me explain. My eldest child, Michael enjoys kayaking. He participated in the intervarsities kayaking competitions in Castlebar, Co. Mayo earlier in the year. There is a poster to summarise the event. Speaking as a parent, it is really bad when there is a poster!

Michael is under the upturned blue boat, before the fall....

My son is the paddler under the dark blue kayak. The one on top of the fall. Before the descent.  And there were stitches, some sticky tape and a broken nose …

My daughter also enjoys kayaking. She was also at the intervarsities that weekend. And she didn’t recognise her brother after the injuries. And they are now doing their exams at their respective colleges …



About Ann Coughlan

I am a PhD candidate with the School of English, UCC, Ireland. My subject is Frederick Douglass and I am concentrating on his first transatlantic encounter. This blog is a means of remembering and gathering the many wonderful people I have met and opportunities I have taken during the course of my studies. I am married to John for twenty-two years. He underpins this work in the love and support he has showered on me during my PhD journey and he makes a guest appearance in some of the entries. We have two children, Michael, who is studying Physics at UCC and Helena who is studying Agricultural Science at UCD. And Frederick Douglass has been the other man in our lives.

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